Datoga Foundation is a non governmental organisation, established officially in 2010 to promote education activities to nomadic communities in Tanzania. The idea came after years of individual efforts of some of peoples from these communities who have acquired formal education and would love to see other people from their communities also benefit for getting education. Led by Hon Mathew Sedoyeka and his family, over 200 young men and women had been supported over the years and had acquired formal education and most of them were school teachers. It was then suggested that these efforts be formalized to reach more pupils in many areas.

Datoga Foundation was then formally registered in 2010 with offices in 45 Sinza B, Box 7113, Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam and Box 23, Katesh, Manyara, Dar es Salaam. Since 2010, the Foundation has partnered with a number of organisation both local and international to deliver it services. These includes Rotary Club of Mildmay – Chelmsford (UK), JICA (Japan), Camara (Ireland), Khulisa Management (SA), Chama Cha Walimu Tanzania, Hekima Saccos (Katesh) and over 50 secondary schools.

The Foundation has so far deliver a number of projects such as the Computers for Tanzania Schools which was initiated and sponsored by Chelmsford Mildmay Rotary Club. This project brings refurbished computers from UK and distribute them to public schools in Tanzania. Another project sponsored by JICA included delivering 20 double decker beds to Balangdalalu Seconday School in Hanang Manyara. Working from small donations, the foundation established Watoto wa Datoga Project that support secondary school children by paying their school fees. Furthermore, the Foundation is highly involved in local sports by hosting annual Hanang Cup football tournaments. Working with Shahanga Sports Institute, the foundation is also hosting annual events in tuck and field (Hanang Marathon). In the efforts to support household economies, Datoga Foundation, under its Vikundi project, is conducting entrepreneurship training to a number of groups in Hanang disctict. The tainings teaches the participants about the manufacturing of liquid soaps, candles, batic and chalks. They were also trained on modern ways to run family size chicken projects.